Kantabile Afrika Giving Back

We are Tanzanian.

We declare that with a sense of pride, and along with it, we feel a sense of responsibility.

At Kantabile Afrika, we strongly believe in genuine hospitality. A genuine smile, a genuine enthusiasm to make our guests feel welcome, a genuine desire to provide the best possible customer service—these are attributes that cannot be feigned. The sincerity comes from the heart. Such authentic hospitality is only made possible because our home-grown team shares a common bond and a common set of values. It is no coincidence when we say that Kantabile Afrika was founded on the principle of doing things the right way—with integrity, purpose, and above all, harmony.


This is what differentiates us from other safari camps and lodges.

Tuko pamoja.

We are one. We are together. We are united.

It is this shared sense of purpose, shared sense of place that motivates our team. It transcends mere agreement. It implies an empathetic understanding amongst the members of the team to be kind to one another, to our guests, to our greater community, and to Mother Earth.

When we were conceptualizing the design of our camps, we took great care to ensure that we would adhere by the “leave no trace” principle. As comfortable as they are, our tented suites do not have any permanent structures. Each guest tent rests on an elegant platform made of timbers harvested from local, sustainable sources. Our director, Godwin, oversaw that project himself, when he went directly to the source to ensure that timbers were harvested responsibly from well-managed forests that were continuously replenished, and that there was no damage done to the surrounding environment, or to the native flora or fauna. Our tents are primarily made of canvas; so there is no concrete or glass structure that would appear discordant with the natural environment of the Serengeti. Being harmonious with nature is very important to us. We do not own the land we land on, though we feel a sense of belonging to it. Our time on Earth is transient. It is important that when it is time to vacate, we leave the site just the way we found it, so it can be restored to its natural state of being. Seeking comfort amidst nature does not require destruction of the environment. That principle is at the very core of our philosophy.

We have also taken great lengths to ensure that we run our camps in an environmentally responsible way. All tents are powered by solar energy. The same can also be said of our hot water system. We utilize reusable wares where possible, to reduce and minimize the amount of plastics and disposable packaging used. We grow some of the vegetables consumed at the camps in our own greenhouse by using organic farming methods to eliminate pesticides that would be harmful to our soils and our health. We prioritize sourcing fresh supplies like milk and eggs from local villages where possible, to support the local community, but also to reduce the footprint of having to truck such produce from faraway land.

We constructed our camps with a local workforce. We made a decision before we opened Cherero Camp and Aurari Camp that we would only employ Tanzanians for the camps, and that the askari (guards) would be selected from local villages. Bettering the lives of men, women and children in our greater community is not an obligation, but a civic duty—one that we are proud to engage ourselves in. We have been supporting the children of Lemugur village, the Maasai community that the Kantabile Afrika office is a part of, by supplying fresh water to the local school and donating school supplies and footballs.

Every year, we nominate a cause to support. Kantabile Afrika would mobilize its team to visit rural areas in need of assistance as part of its community outreach program. Our most recent project involved providing reproductive health education to girls who would not have access to such information otherwise. With no means of obtaining sanitary napkins, girls would need to use rags, leaves, old mattress stuffing to help manage their periods, which can lead to medical complications, resulting in high drop-out rates and a very poor quality of life. Over a two-week period, we were able to distribute a total of 1,678 reusable female hygiene kits to schools in remote areas of the Longido and Monduli regions (some of the classes had less than 10 students). The most delightful memory from this experience was not the gratitude of these girls—which was fabulous, but the fact that they were not afraid to ask some difficult—yet excellent—questions. Their curiosity to learn more, their willingness to listen and their courage to seek answers totally won us over, and made us realize that we were the ones learning from them!

What a joy it is to be able to give back to our community!

Kantabile Afrika promoting girls’ health and well-being in rural areas

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