Aurari Camp &

Cherero Camp

All that glitters is not gold.
All that is gold does not glitter.
Not all those who wander are lost.
Not all those who are lost wander.

A designer's dream come true

“We wanted our camps to provide a truly unique Tanzanian experience for guests, so we sourced natural materials locally and hired artisans and craftspeople around Tanzania to make the interiors of the guest tents a high-end designer experience with a genuine sense of place…”

Hear our music.

Share our rhythm.

Let the symphony of the nocturnal savannah serenade you to sleep.

Enticingly close to the natural world while offering all the comforts of home, the Kantabile Afrika portfolio of luxury camps offer a rejuvenating sanctuary amid the wilds of the Serengeti. Settle into a beautifully appointed tent at Aurari Camp or Cherero Camp, and feel the rhythms of the savannah infuse the canvas as life takes on a different beat.


All around you, nature hums along to its own melody. From your private veranda, watch colorful birds flit and flutter between the treetops, while giraffes gracefully pluck leaves from a nearby acacia. Listen to trumpeting elephants, and witness wildebeest preparing for their thunderous journey across the vast plains. Take in sweeping, panoramic views of swaying grasslands from the comfort of your private lounge. Kantabile places you in the middle of life on the Serengeti—let its vibrancy inspire your experience.


When the day calls for a safari intermission, dine on Tanzanian-inspired cuisine prepared by our on-site chef. Or venture onto the great open plains, sipping sundowner cocktails as the setting sun paints the landscape in sanguine hues. Twilight signals a slower pace—a time for sharing stories around the campfire and gazing at the dazzling blanket of stars above. Rest blissfully in sumptuous bedding, while the symphony of the nocturnal savannah serenades you to sleep.


Join us at Kantabile and lose yourself in this magical landscape. We go to every length to ensure that the moments you spend here are in harmony with the trove of wonders you’ll witness.

Cherero Camp

Located in a secluded area 37 miles west of Seronera in Serengeti National Park, Cherero Camp offers guests a chance to view the Great Migration herds from May to July as they commence their annual move to the north via the Western Corridor, and on their return to the south from September to December each year.

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Aurari Camp

Situation in the Mara River region in Northern Serengeti, where the Great Wildebeest Migration takes place annually, Aurari Camp offers guests a chance to witness the wildebeest river crossing phenomenon from July to October every year. Away from tourist crowds, Aurari Camp offers serenity in the middle of the wilderness.

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