The chirping of songbirds, the thunder of hooves, the trumpeting of elephants—we’ve long been enthralled by the music that plays across the endless plains of the Serengeti. We built Kantabile Afrika with the intent of sharing that song with other travelers drawn to its siren call.

Kantabile Afrika was founded on the principle of doing things the right way—with integrity, purpose, and above all, harmony. Maintaining the health of the land we love and the communities within it has always been a primary focus. In both our Aurari and Cherero camps, there are no permanent constructions—though our locations remain fixed, the campsites can be moved entirely without leaving a lasting trace. We also see to it that our practices benefit the local economy. Our furniture and furnishings are designed by local artisans and sourced from nearby settlements, and our staff comprises local residents.

This integrated approach is core to our ethos at Kantabile. As a family-owned and operated company, it’s our passion to be directly involved in everything we do. From the minutiae of the menu to the particular design of the tent interiors, we’ve personally pored over every detail—our camps are a dream realized for us and, we hope, for you.

This is our goal above all else—to provide you with a haven in which you can fully relax and enjoy the beauty of the natural world. A place where you feel perfectly and contentedly at home. We strive to provide first-class, genuine service so that your every need is attended to.

We believe that the best hospitality has roots in joy, and that the experience should be one that is shared. The welfare of our employees is paramount to us, and something we hope you’ll notice in our warm smiles and inclusive family spirit. To us, this is the purest expression of Tanzanian hospitality. We hope you’ll come share it with us.

Karibu sana!

It’s all about harmony…

…the purest
expression of Tanzanian hospitality…

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